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Cycling Shoe Men in Silver & Black

Sitting second only to Lake’s customizable CX402 shoes, the CX332 Men’s Cycling Shoes live up to their race-worthy reputation. Lake uses kangaroo leather to craft the upper, prized for its durability and suppleness for a fit that molds to your foot as you ridel.Over the top, a dual Boa closures further enhances foot retention and ensures that not a watt is wasted when you crank on the pedals. By employing two Boa dials,

Lake enables you to keep your heel locked down, without requiring undue pressure on the forefoot. And as you already know, that means better blood flow, and greater comfort.Underfoot, Lake’s CX/TX Race last is a little narrower in the toe box and heel than the Competition last found on Lake’s CX237 for a streamlined, glove-like fit that minimizes excess foot movement and prevents hot spots. Combined with a feathery light and stiff full carbon fiber sole, and you have a shoe that efficiently transfers every watt of power output into the pedals.



  • lace-up closure
  • Upper Material: Klite Kangaroo leather, mesh
  • Closure: 2 Boa L6 dials
  • Midsole: CX/TX Race last
  • Sole: Lake Race 100% carbon fiber
  • Cleat Compatibility: 3-bolt


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