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Frequently Asked Questions about Pakistan clothing manufacturers

Most frequent questions and answers regarding Pakistan clothing manufacturers and Custom Clothing Vendors.

Want to produce sports clothing but have low quantities?

Pakistan clothing manufacturers.

We will help to build your active wear or Sportswear brand!

Our Sportswear Production Package was designed to cater to the needs of startups and small businesses that want to develop their own active-wear lines. We provide the help you need to get started in the clothing production industry from design to mass production. Creating your own athletic clothing line is not as difficult as it seems when you work with one of the leading sportswear manufacturers.The sports clothing production process can look daunting at the beginning because it has so many details: fabrics, sizing, cuts and accessories provide you with countless options to choose from. We as your sports apparel manufacturing company help you to find the correct specifications. By providing you with both new and standard designs, you save costs and can focus on the aspects that are important to you. Avoid problems from the beginning when starting your custom clothing line by working with us–a proven sports clothing manufacturer.

Pakistan clothing manufacturers

We can supply Any style and designs. We also develop low quantity Custom Fabrics for customers.

How We Make Your Custom Sportswear?

Whether you want to make sports uniform, athletic, workout or fitness apparel, it’s important that we understand your design. You can send us any hand drawing, mock up, tech pack, sketch or reference product that we can use to get a basic understanding. We will go over all details with you before proceeding to the sample and wholesale order.

1. Create a Tech Pack

Next, we create a document with professional drawings, fabric, color and sizing information. This type of document is called a tech pack, which serves as the specification and design file for your custom sportswear. It follows all relevant standards and can be used by any sports apparel supplier.

2. Get a Cut Sheet

It is important to determine all relevant dimensions with length, width, height and shape. Moreover, these dimensions have to be adapted to the different sizes you want to offer your active wear, sportswear in. Sizing charts are required so that private label sportswear manufacturers know how to cut and sew.

What minimum quantity do i need for custom sportswear?

Normally we can realize order quantities already from 50 pieces, despite that this is custom production and not private label sports clothing where simply logos are printed. Doing even fewer might be possible; it all depends on your design and target piece price. Startups and small business often work with us and we try to serve their needs as good as possible. Low MOQs are usually the most important thing and we understand that.

How long it take to get my samples from Custom Clothing Vendors

We take 15 to 18 days develop samples

GSP Form A or Certificate of Origin available?

Yes, GSP Form A or Certificate of Origin are available.

OEM services are also offered.

Do you offer any Organic or Recycled fabric options for my sportswear and active wear?

Yes, we provide many fabric choices for your athleisure, athletic, workout or fitness apparel including bamboo fabric, organic cotton and other natural blends as well as recycled polyester materials. We source sustainable and recycled fabrics only from certified sports fabric suppliers and verify the athletic blend material before it’s used.

What types of printing we work with?

  1. Embossing
  2. Embroidery
  3. Water Base Printing
  4. Silicon Printing
  5. Puff Printing
  6. PVC Rubber Printing
  7. Vinlay Stickers
  8. Heat Transfer
  9. Sublimation
  10. Flock Printing

What to do if i have fabric or webbing

Yes you can send us your material for production



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