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athletes clothes

Private Label Sportswear manufacturer and athletes clothes manufacturer

Extreme Sportswear make everything from the scratch so you have variety of options to customize from. Whenever a customer comes to us with a specific requirement, regardless of its customization, we produce everything from the scratch. We first understand the customer’s requirements, then suggest to him the best fabrics available in the market or we manufacture Fabrics matching his requirements. Based on his Fabric Choices we suggest the best printing option and the patterns are then created based on the position of the design. The fabric is then cut into panels for custom printing, custom embroidery, and custom sublimation so that they can be stitched back together keeping the print positioning in mind.

In-house technologies

Laser Cutting

With our lasers park, we can offer from the whole product roll cut to the smallest ornaments cut. It’s used for functional technological and decorative purposes.

The precise, clean, and minimalism technique gives the garment an innovative look with the best performance qualities.

Cut & Sew

With modern fabrics relaxing, income inspection, and fully automated cutting machines we ensure top quality and reliability of production.

We use the Codeval system to optimize and guarantee a smooth process.


Printing & Embroidery

We can help you create unique products by using different printing techniques we have in-house:

  • Heat transfers (3D, reflective, fluor colors, rainbow effect, matt, plastisol, and silicone, water-based);
  • Direct screen printing (Microdot tourmaline, 3D, reflective, fluor colors, rainbow effect, matt, plastisol, silicone, water-based);
  • Sublimation
  • Embossing

Embroidery (Simple and 3D



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