A velour tracksuits are a type of casual clothing ensemble typically worn for lounging or light exercise. It consists of a matching jacket (often with a front zipper) and pants, both made from velour fabric, which is a plush, soft, and stretchy material. Velour is a knit fabric that is similar to velvet but usually has more stretch and is often made from cotton or a blend of materials like polyester and spandex.

Velour is an incredibly soft, plush textile which is very similar to velvet. Known for its soft feel and extreme comfort. It’s a fabric that just keeps coming back in fashion.

Velour tracksuits gained popularity in the early 2000s and became a fashion trend associated with celebrities and pop culture. They were often worn as comfortable and stylish attire for travel, leisure activities, and sometimes even as streetwear. The tracksuits are known for their relaxed fit and the comfort provided by the velour fabric. The jacket and pants are often designed with matching colors and sometimes feature logos, stripes, or other embellishments.


While the popularity of velour tracksuits has fluctuated over the years, they remain a recognizable fashion item, and variations of tracksuits made from different materials continue to be worn for both fashion and comfort.

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